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and what you see will be

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happy birthday dani_forever!!

PROMPT: None, it's a birthday ficlet!
AUTHOR: Jessi, princessjessia (Disclaimer)
FANDOM: Heroes, Supernatural [[info]parabolical universe]
CHARACTERS: Claire, Dean, Natalie, Ben.
SUMMARY: The consequences of falling asleep before your child. September 2015.
NOTES: Future-fic for a current RPG. This scenario has been in my brain for a few months as the art-I-wish-I-could-draw, and with the future plot coming up, it seemed even more fitting for a present. For my BFF, dani_forever, on her birthday, with much love. ♥

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[stock] happy birthday

a very happy birthday to silver_x_cross!

I went into this with graphics in mind, but this ficlet happened instead. I hope you like it.

PROMPT: None, it's a birthday ficlet!
AUTHOR: Jessi, princessjessia (Disclaimer)
FANDOM: Star Wars, Labyrinth [[info]parabolical universe]
CHARACTERS: Jacen, Tenel Ka, Sarah
SUMMARY: Conventions come with a twist when you're fictional.
NOTES: for silver_x_cross on her birthday, with much ♥

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alternate journals, updated;

Due to the fact dreamwidth was lovely and passed out invite codes to anyone who'd verified an email for an OpenID account, and I'd done that to keep tabs on anyone I know who had been picking up DW accounts, I now have a DW account! Anyone who has once, feel free to friend me, as I know I missed posts. So far, DW looks to have some unique appeal and nifty perks, but I'll be keeping a free account for now.

As said previously, LJ is still my primary journal. I crosspost some things from LJ to IJ and post some IJ-only content to IJ because my larger RPG social circle is there, so I'll likely do the same thing with DW once I get a better handle on just what will come of having it. So far, I haven't seen anyone moving solely to there, and with IJ still having the greater appeal to RPers with more icons for free accounts and cheaper prices when permanent accounts are sold, I doubt many (if any) RPGs will be on DW.


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[FICLET] Changes. EM, HA. [PG]

TITLE: Changes.
AUTHOR: Jessi, princessjessia (Disclaimer)
FANDOM: Harry Potter
CHARACTERS: Ernie, Hannah
PROMPT: 096. Writer‘s Choice - Change.
SUMMARY: Even platonic best friends can be hormonal boys too. Mid-90s.
NOTES: Inspired by a brief convo dani_forever and I were having, just something random and cute based on our RP characters. 100 Fic Prompt Table

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